Learning Universal Windows Platform

What do you do when you’re an out of work developer?  Well you can’t just sit around and watch TV.  You need to do something after you have finished your resume and send it out to 50+ places you think you may want to work.  For me I am working on this Blog and learning about Universal Windows Platform, UWP for short.  The first place I started looking for information was at Microsoft Virtual Academy.  They have a lot of educational videos for Beginners to Cloud Development.  I found a course from Bob Tabor that takes you step by step in developing UWP applications. I have some screen shots of the ones I built while following a long, as bob goes in depth of how they work. This first one here was a Sound Dash Board that would play sounds and you can Drag & Drop a WAV or MP3 file onto the screen and it would play them.


To figure out how to make the drag and drop work Bob walks you through an example solution with the sole purpose of only doing Drag and Drop.


This is the Example application we created to learn to Drag and Drop items onto the window.


Bobs course has many helpful hints like this website json2csharp, when you make an API call and receive Json back you can paste the Json into the converter and it will code all your classes to paste into your application.


For the weather application we called an API to get the weather data. This application should work on your Desktop and a windows phone.

I have been collecting many useful URLs as I go that will contribute to your development efforts, I have listed a few below:

  • Guidelines for tiles and badges – This explains what “tiles” are and what “live tiles” are, in regard to the user experience for using your application. They are general guidelines to help you match the look and feel to other applications.
  • Get the user’s location – This site explains how to get the user location from a desktop or a windows phone, which is very helpful.
  • Tile Template Catalog – This site is a catalog of most of the windows 10 template that you would use and specifies the content template to use in a tile update.

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