Happy Birthday Visual Studio!!

Today 3/7/17 Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017.  There was a lot of hoopla and examples of what you can do with the Enterprise Edition on Channel 9, which put a magnify glass on what the Pro Edition and Community Edition could not.  One of the items was the “Live Testing” that would occur while your coding.  It’s more of an enhancement from VS2015, but it’s only available in the Enterprise Edition.  Is this saying that the Community and Pro people don’t unit test their code?  You could also look at it as though those people don’t really need to increase their productivity.  It seems as though you can do a lot of stuff with AZUR if you’re a Pro or Community user, but automated unit testing is out of the question.  It also appears as though the Unit Testing is not available for .Net Core.  I will be watching this closely and try to get some traction that this would be available in all editions.

     Editor config is a new feature that sort of, kind of, does some of the functions you get from ReSharper the only drawback that I found is that you kind of have to build your own .editorconfig file.  The Documentation is about a 10 minute read and explains how to build your file.  It would have been nice if Microsoft supplied you with a file already built, I am trying not to speculate, but I think that Microsoft was not directly trying to compete with JetBrains on that front, I could be wrong though.  I have seen that many are posting the suggestion to use the file from Madskristensen / EditorConfigLanguage which was presented in a file for Roslyn.

     The last thing I want to mention is my disappointment with the fact that the Community version has an issue installing.  This was listed as a defect with VS2017RC and the solution was to install Enterprise.  Even though it was said that it was not an appropriate fix for the community version, it seems it was released that way.  All they would have had to do is apply the fix in Enterprise to the Community version.  I never tested the Pro Edition for install issues as that was not where my focus was.



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