VS2017 Release- Day 2

Day 2 of the party continues and I amvs2017.png surprised by some of the comments regarding of all things, the ICON you click on to start VS2017.  I found FROM WHICH PART OF THE HELL DOES THIS ICON COME FROM?” and “I have to Hide the ICON” now the icon really has nothing to do with the functionality of VS2017, but it shows how dedicated users of this tool are.  All the icon does is open a window to possibilities of what can be created on the desktop, web/cloud and mobile for Android and IO’s.

If you install the total environment it will take up about 50 GB.  One thing about the install is you do not have to install everything.  If you’re not doing “F#” don’t install it, if you’re not a game developer don’t install Unity or Unreal.  You can save a lot of space if you never and I do mean never plan to develop for mobile.

Here are some freebies I have found so far, I like sharing the free stuff I locate while developing.  The first is 60 days of free training from Xamarin, if your part of the group that installed this week.

Another freebie I found was from Syncfusion, but only for those running the Community Edition which is great $15,960  for free.  As I find more I will post them here to let you know all about the items you may want to take a look at.

 Microsoft likes to mention a lot of things as free, but they don’t make it clear if its for VS2017 Community or Enterprise.  I hope to dig through these in the coming days and see what I can find.  If you have not downloaded VS2017 yet you should get on that now.


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